Since reforming the social enterprise in 2011, First Act have run in conjunction with a list of aims that highlight the purpose of the service.

These aims are –

– To create a sense of belonging for all our members.

– To build confidence and create a sense of purpose in all those who take part.

– For workshops to be energising and to enliven the imagination of all those taking part.

– To improve coordination and motor skills within our members.

– To improve social skills within a group setting.

Along side these 5 main aims, First Act 2011 work hard on enhancing other personal qualities within it’s members. Especially focusing on commitment and team work.

– Commitment – Our members all feel a sense of commitment towards attending weekly workshops. They understand the importance of attending and that this continues effort will allow them to create a professional standard of show.

– Teamwork – First Act 2011 members work closely together to produce the finale production. They are encouraged to work as a team to assist with costumes, scenery and theatrical props, as well as coming together at weekly rehearsals to create a productive yet joyful working environment.


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